Our atv quad bike tour takes you around the sacred valley, a long roud to Moray, Maras wich is famous for all landscape, or you can change one of those places for the Huaypo lagoon, with comfortable machines made especially for you.

the atv quad tour starts at 7:00 a.m. from Cusco city, we go to pick up you to your hotel, then we go on the car towards K.m. 39 of the road (Cusco – Ollanta) private transport will take by 45 minutes to 01 hour to geet the base Intipakarina of our ATVs, then you will have a training by (10 -15) minutes to practice and learn how to drive the Quad bikes.
Then we start to drive the ATVs, only after 15 minutes we will have our first stop to have a majestic view of the most important snow peaks mountains of this place as they are the snowy Chicon, snowy Veronica, snowy Pumahuanca and others, a magical landscape and we continue to Moray.
Moray archaeological site is totally different to the others, appreciable where you take photos and get explanation, after we continue with our trip driving the atvs, on the way There are amazing landscapes and lots of fun, 30 minutes traveling and everything to the archaeological center of Moray which is very impressive.
We stop and you will have a tour guided in charge of one of our professional guides English speaker, continuing our tour we will pass through the typical village of Maras, which is characterized by their stone frames decorated with colonial figures that surround every door.
Salt mines or salineras 
In the atv quad tour the final point to visit we will go the salt mines known as Salineras, until the control of tickets is allowed to drive ATVs, the rest of the route is considered dangerous for ATVs, to go to the salt mines our agency offers to you two ways transportation 15 minutes to reach the salt mines then walk and you will be in the same salt mines, after get back to the base.
And have transportation back to Cusco but before we make a stop to visit a real local market in Chichero it is highly recommended to stop and learn how they elaborate, desing,dye everything naturally in the Andes then to CUSCO.


atv quad tour does not offer any insurance, in addition passengers must leave as guarantee passports that will be with the guide in charge of the tour or S / 100.00 soles per person, and sign a risk document.


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