We will pick you from the hotel in Cusco city close to 08:45 am to board our private bus and head to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We will tour the following great attractions: QORAO MARKET: after a 30-minute journey, we will be at the typical handicraft market in Qorao, where you can enjoy the beauty of their works and buy souvenirs. You will also have the chance to photograph typical, Andean-only camelids like the llamas. **PISAC MARKET AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL COMPLEX: **after an unforgettable visit to the Sacred Valley Gazer from where you can take priceless pictures of the Sacred Valley and the Andes range, we will go to the typical village of Pisac. Once there we’ll visit the local market also with much culture to learn, and afterwards go to check a typical oven where we can eat pizza, bread etc prepared with the village’s style. Then there is the amazing tour of the archaeological site, with its agricultural terraces and buildings. OLLANTAYTAMBO ARCHAEOLOGICAL COMPLEX: this site remains almost the same way it was in Inca times, and so does the village! It was a religious, cultural and military village, one of its purposes was to be a checkpoint at this side of the valley. Its enormous architecture is still a mystery to many up to this day. CHINCHERO VILLAGE: on the way back to Cusco city, we will visit this great place, which was a retreat for the Inca emperor Tupac Yupanqui, who build a palace there, over which the Spanish invaders later built a church. At the main square we will also see wonderful Inca walls. After the professionally guided tour for around 9 hours, we go back to Cusco city, arriving at Regocijo square (next to the Main Square or Plaza de Armas) near 06:30 pm, to transfer you to the hotel.


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